Better Together Dialogues – Episode Two with Dylan Le Roy

Dylan Le Roy is a Student Affairs and Services Counsellor at Douglas College, and provided a much-needed “Managing Uncertainty with Gratitude” session for the Better Together – Partners in Learning Conference May 2-6, 2022 at Douglas College. Dylan’ sessions was delivered in-person, and streamed to remote participants as well.

Dylan Le Roy, SAS Counsellor

Recorded dialogue with Dylan Le Roy and Steven Bishop

People and resources mentioned by Dylan

Mans’ search for meaning by Viktor Frankl (summary),and%20find%20meaning%20in%20it.

Sharon Salzberg – book and podcast

Employee connect with Employee and Family Assistance Program

Greater Good Science Center –  University of California, Berkeley

Gratitude journal

Douglas College Counselling Services

NPR podcast: Chelsea Handler & Sharon Salzberg: Sharon Salzberg leads a guided meditation. Chelsea Handler talks about her special, ‘Evolution.‘​

Dr. Rick Hansen The Neuroscience of Lasting Happiness  What is living you? The Practice: Give over to good. Why? In every moment, you and I and everyone and everything else – from quantum foam to fleeting thoughts, intimate relationships, rainforest ecosystems, and the stars themselves – are each a kind of standing  wave, like the ever-changing though persistent pattern of water  rising above a boulder in a river.​

The Awkward Yeti: Heart and Brain Cartoons

Tree of Contemplative Practices – “….the roots symbolize the two  intentions that are the foundation of all contemplative practices:  cultivating awareness and developing a stronger connection to God,  the Divine, or inner wisdom.”​

Better Together Dialogues- Episode One with Jacob Goldowitz

Jacob Goldowitz is one of the Learning Designers at Douglas College, and was a big part of envisioning and organizing the Better Together – Partners in Learning Conference May 2-6, 2022 at Douglas College. The conference sessions were delivered in-person, and virtually. Stay tuned for more episodes

Recorded dialogue with Jacob Goldowitz and Steven Bishop